New Intel Atom Chip “Cherry Trail”


Detailed information about the HoloLens hardware is eagerly awaited as it is only known that HoloLens is based on a new Intel processor called “Cherry Trail”.

“Cherry Trail is a successor to Intel’s current set of tablet and low-end PC chips code-named Bay Trail. Cherry Trail is smaller, has more features and is faster than Bay Trail, and is able to fit within the curved contours of the HoloLens. The chip is made using Intel’s latest 14-nanometer manufacturing process, which is considered the most advanced in the semiconductor industry.”

via Microsoft’s HoloLens uses unreleased Intel Atom chip | PCWorld.

Besides this, PCworld.also addresses several challenges and future possibilities of Cherry Trail.

“A challenge with HoloLens will be to keep it free of wires during usage, and Cherry Trail has many such “wire-free” computing features.

Devices with Cherry Trail will also be able to stream video wirelessly to larger screens through a technology called Wi-Di.”

What we can expect from Cherry Trail is not certain yet as there are no official comments published from Microsoft/Intel so far.

Further information will be updated as soon as possible!


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