Future visions


Microsoft’s futuristic product presentation

arstechnia.com shared another Hands-On review of HoloLens including profound thoughts about the future of gaming and AR.

arstechnia’s Peter Bright describes his HoloLens vision as following:

“HoloLens certainly felt like part of the future. It excites me. I imagine a world of gaming that interacts with the environment around me. A world where designers and engineers can manipulate virtual 3D objects JARVIS-style, simply by using their hands. A world where I can sit at my desktop PC and have a monitor that’s near infinitely large and totally private.”

via Hands-on: Microsoft’s HoloLens is flat-out magical | Ars Technica.

But in the words of digitaltrends‘ Jeremy Kaplan, we have to admit that:

“There are more questions than answers at present: What does it cost? How do you get models built in Holo Studio onto your computer? Why did we have Developer Kits if the real deal was up and running? What sort of hardware powers this thing anyway?

Microsoft said it would have answers to many of those questions at the developer centric Build conference in March.”

via Microsoft HoloLens: Hands-On Review of VR and AR Fusion | Digital Trends |

Nevertheless we are all curious about the further development that will certainly come along with HoloLens!